How to enjoy a Gold Coast getaway as a Person With Disability (PWD)

Disability should not stop you from enjoying a Gold Coast getaway. It can help you relax and breathe in the fresh air for your wellbeing. Just be sure to consider a few points as you plan your itinerary. These include the right medication, necessary support, and finding the best short term accommodation Gold Coast unit for you.


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Such factors can help you fully enjoy a vacation in Gold Coast, as this will prevent accidents and other mishaps from happening. And in some instances, it can curb your expenses with the help of your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funds.


Plan for a disability—friendly vacation in Gold Coast today


Before your next Gold Coast getaway, here are few points that can guide you in planning things up:


Consider the type of vacation you want to enjoy


Begin by knowing what you want to do in Gold Coast. Yes, beach activities are popular among visitors in the area; however, you can enjoy other things as well. This includes visiting the Lamington National Park, hopping on a whale-watching cruise or shopping in the Craft Market. Of course, you can also enjoy them all if you want.


Alternatively, you can also find a respite care facility that offers vacation theme activities. This choice can lead you to short term accommodation NDIS payable, so you can relax without large expenses.


Find a disability-friendly accommodation


Next, look for a disability-friendly short term accommodation Gold Coast has today. Such accommodation should have sufficient disability-friendly features, such as enough railings, walkways, and wider doors. You can also find an apartment that specifically caters the needs of people with disability. For example, it can include an adjustable bed, so you won’t have a hard time lying down to rest.


You can also choose a unit that sits near the things you want to enjoy. For example, you can rent a waterfront apartment to enjoy the Gold Coast beach easily. Moreover, consider its proximity to other vital establishments in the city as well, such as restaurants, coffee shops and groceries.


Create a checklist of your necessities


It’s important to pack everything you need in your bag, such as medicines, assistive devices, and personal hygiene products. This is to avoid derailing your getaway because of frequent trips to pharmacies or groceries.


Moreover, be sure to connect with your support service provider when necessary, such as a nurse companion. This helps in having enough assistance, support and care on the go. And it’s important especially if you plan to stay in a short term accommodation Gold Coast unit without any family or friends.


Know what the NDIS funds can cover


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) covers necessary support for people with disability, such as therapies, medicine, and assistive devices. However, it doesn’t include leisure and entertainment generally; thus, it won’t cover food, transportation and accommodation for your Gold Coast vacation.


The good thing is, it can cover things you need, such as paying for an assistant and medicines. This can also cover NDIS holiday accommodation facilities, such as those in That can significantly reduce your expenses, especially if you need expensive care and support.


Keeping these points in mind can help you fully enjoy a Gold Coast getaway. Consider the things you love to do, find the best accommodation, prepare all your necessities, and find out how to reduce the cost of your vacation.


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