How long will it take to renovate a bathroom?

There can be several reasons why you find it necessary to remodel and renovate your bathroom. You may need to upgrade your bathroom because the design and plumbing system are already outdated to suit your needs or to increase the value of your home. No matter what the reason is for your bathroom renovation or makeover, it is important that you find bathroom renovations Melbourne contractors who can skillfully do the renovations on time.


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How long does bathroom renovation take?

Majority of homeowners hiring contractors for their home renovations ask for a timeline and the total cost of the total project. However, bathroom and kitchen makeovers companies cannot give an estimate and a timeline if the contractor has not seen your bathroom or kitchen.

Aside from seeing your bathroom or kitchen, it is also necessary that you explain in detail what kind of renovation you wish to have. A full bathroom renovation will take much longer than a partial renovation or a bathroom makeover.

Bathroom makeover

A bathroom makeover does not take as much time as a bathroom renovation. Without major demolition and replacement of pipes, electrical wirings, etc., a makeover will be done in a week or two.

A makeover usually just involves an improvement in the aesthetic look of your bathroom, without making major changes in the electrical and plumbing systems.

If you opt to have a bathroom makeover, you will only be changing the colour of your bathroom, tiles, showerheads, toilets, vanities, faucets, and cabinets or storage spaces.

Complete bathroom renovation

A complete bathroom renovation requires more time and budget to accomplish. You will be needing the help of professionals, such as plumbers and electricians, to give your bathroom a complete renovation.

The best bathroom renovations Melbourne contractor often finishes a full bathroom renovation within 23 days or 4.5 weeks, granting there are no works done during the weekends. This is only possible if all the materials are readily available or if there are no more changes in the bathroom layout or plans.

However, if you will include the dead days, delays, and absences of the workers, a full bathroom renovations Melbourne contractor can finish the job in 46 days or 9 weeks, or by doubling the cumulative time.

Cause of delays during bathroom renovations

Hiring the wrong people

The number one cause of delay during any home improvement project is hiring the wrong people. Bathrooms need skillful professionals, such as licensed plumbers and electricians, for it to function well. Therefore, only hire bathroom renovations Melbourne companies with skillful people with lots of experience.

Changes in plans and layouts

Before the work of your trusted contractor begins, make sure that you have finalised in your mind the kind of design you want to achieve for your bathroom. So, just imagine how much time and money is wasted when you suddenly do not like the layout or design of your bathroom; your contractor will have to replace it and do the job all over again.

A bathroom renovations Melbourne contractor can help you with finalising the layout of your dream bathroom.

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