Electric gates: The common types and some maintenance tips

Today, many homeowners prefer to have electric gates for security and aesthetic purposes. Add to that their durability and ease of use. If you’re planning to replace your old gate with an electric one, be sure to shop around for the best options. Take time to know the types of gates and choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.

Types of electric gates

You basically have two options if you’re looking for electric gates – sliding and swing. In the past, these two are manually operated. But with the integration of tech, you can also find electricity-powered ones today.

Sliding gate – This type of gate comes with a wheel attached to the side of the gate, allowing it to slide sideways to open or close. A chain is hitched to the motor to move the gate. A sliding gate is perfect for homes or commercial offices that are in busy areas as it opens or closes quickly. Besides, this type of gate doesn’t require too much space, which means it’s apt for properties of any size.

Swing gate – Unlike sliding gates that open sidewards, swing gates open either inward or outward. You also have the option to buy a double panel or single panel gate. When it comes to material, you could also opt to buy aluminium, iron, or wooden gate. This gate is perfect for properties with a spacious yard.

Installing an automated gate could contribute a lot to your convenience. If you’re in the UK, just be sure to avail of electric gates Midlands installation providers offer.

Maintenance tips

Maintenance is key to keeping your gate fully functional for a long time. So, after you’ve hired electric gates Northampton providers for the installation, do the following maintenance routines:

  1. Lubricate the hinges and knobs. Doing this helps keep rust at bay. A well-lubricated gate also ensures convenience when opening and closing it using a remote control.
  2. Schedule regular checkups. Whether you’ve opted for residential or commercial gates Leicester providers offer, hiring experts to check the gate is a must. Checkups help you determine which parts of the gate need repair or replacement.
  3. Keep pets away. Don’t allow your furry friends to nibble your gate or take a pee on it.
  4. Use a top-quality or manufacturer-recommended remote control.
  5. Keep the gate clean. Dirt, dust, and grime build-up causes rust that will ruin the gate’s structure.
  6. Do seasonal maintenance, especially in preparation for the winter season. Snow and rain could take a toll on the gate’s structure. So, you need to prep up the gate for these extreme weather conditions.

Opting for electric gates to secure your commercial or residential property premises is a wise move. Doing this helps you uphold the physical safety of your loved ones and yourself. And, by ensuring physical safety, you’re also making people feel emotionally safe without having to think about privacy threats.

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