Choosing the Right Velux Skylights for Your Home

Whilst there are different types of skylights in Australia, choosing the best Velux skylights is worth an investment. However, whether you want to have them installed on your kitchen roof or near the staircase of your house, selecting for the design might give you a little of a challenge. So, the following useful tips are listed to help you in choosing Velux skylights for your home.

best velux skylights


When planning a skylight installation, there’s one thing you must keep in mind: a skylight is intended for rooms which are directly below the roof. If you want to install a skylight in a room below an attic, you need to build a light shaft through the attic. This light shaft controls the light beam from the sun as it spreads throughout the room.

Another thing to consider is the sun’s path. Make sure that you study how the sun travels throughout the day in order to determine if the skylight can collect direct sunlight or not. Remember, direct sunlight might cause a heat trap during the summer. Unless a skylight is made with UV blocker or sunlight controlling mechanism, it can be a nice window for star-viewing at night, but a harsh wake-up window at daybreak.

Moreover, it is also important to consider the standard codes that should be met by the manufacturers of skylights. The best Velux skylights in Australia are some of the high-quality skylights in the country. They are made perfect for any sloping angles of the roof and the location of the room where the skylight will be installed.

2 Main types of Skylights

  • Fixed skylight

A fixed skylight can’t be opened. It is what most people use as dome skylights or for commercial skylights, as it is less prone to breakage and leakage. In areas where there is more chances of rain year round, a fixed skylight is a good choice.

However, there are some fixed skylights that are designed with a little strip of ventilation to allow some fresh air to enter.

  • Venting skylight

A venting skylight can be opened or closed either manually or with the use of a remote control. Mostly, this type of skylight is installed in the kitchen or bathroom to allow fresh air to get inside, keep mould from growing in damp places, and get rid of unpleasant odours.

Skylight Materials

Skylights are either built with plastic or glass panes. Whilst some people recommend plastic skylights for a dome, many still prefer glass skylights as these are tested to last long. They are also clearer. However, the only downside of glass skylights is that they are more expensive compared to their plastic counterparts.

If you want to buy Velux roof windows, always check whether the room in your house needs a glass skylight for clearer viewing or just a low-cost plastic skylight for ventilation.


Skylight glazing comes with different purposes. There is plastic glazing, glass glazing, and solar heat control glazing at But whatever type there is, the main purpose of glazing the best Velux skylights is to control heat and UV radiation. This is specifically important during summer and winter.

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