How long will it take to renovate a bathroom?

There can be several reasons why you find it necessary to remodel and renovate your bathroom. You may need to upgrade your bathroom because the design and plumbing system are already outdated to suit your needs or to increase the value of your home. No matter what the reason is for your bathroom renovation or makeover, it is important that you find bathroom renovations Melbourne contractors who can skillfully do the renovations on time.

bathroom renovations melbourne

How long does bathroom renovation take?

Majority of homeowners hiring contractors for their home renovations ask for a timeline and the total cost of the total project. However, bathroom and kitchen makeovers companies cannot give an estimate and a timeline if the contractor has not seen your bathroom or kitchen.

Aside from seeing your bathroom or kitchen, it is also necessary that you explain in detail what kind of renovation you wish to have. A full bathroom renovation will take much longer than a partial renovation or a bathroom makeover.

Bathroom makeover

A bathroom makeover does not take as much time as a bathroom renovation. Without major demolition and replacement of pipes, electrical wirings, etc., a makeover will be done in a week or two.

A makeover usually just involves an improvement in the aesthetic look of your bathroom, without making major changes in the electrical and plumbing systems.

If you opt to have a bathroom makeover, you will only be changing the colour of your bathroom, tiles, showerheads, toilets, vanities, faucets, and cabinets or storage spaces.

Complete bathroom renovation

A complete bathroom renovation requires more time and budget to accomplish. You will be needing the help of professionals, such as plumbers and electricians, to give your bathroom a complete renovation.

The best bathroom renovations Melbourne contractor often finishes a full bathroom renovation within 23 days or 4.5 weeks, granting there are no works done during the weekends. This is only possible if all the materials are readily available or if there are no more changes in the bathroom layout or plans.

However, if you will include the dead days, delays, and absences of the workers, a full bathroom renovations Melbourne contractor can finish the job in 46 days or 9 weeks, or by doubling the cumulative time.

Cause of delays during bathroom renovations

Hiring the wrong people

The number one cause of delay during any home improvement project is hiring the wrong people. Bathrooms need skillful professionals, such as licensed plumbers and electricians, for it to function well. Therefore, only hire bathroom renovations Melbourne companies with skillful people with lots of experience.

Changes in plans and layouts

Before the work of your trusted contractor begins, make sure that you have finalised in your mind the kind of design you want to achieve for your bathroom. So, just imagine how much time and money is wasted when you suddenly do not like the layout or design of your bathroom; your contractor will have to replace it and do the job all over again.

A bathroom renovations Melbourne contractor can help you with finalising the layout of your dream bathroom.

If you are in need of any bathroom or kitchen makeover and renovation, please visit MW Homes.

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The Cosmopolitan New Home Packages

Customized and cosmopolitan ranges of designer new homes, land & house packages at par with individual lifestyles are among the most entered keywords in the search bars.  Among the above mentioned searches, the places in vogue include Sydney, New Castle, Hunter, Central Coast and Wollongong/ Illawarra. In a recent news, it was stated that affordable and well-prototyped homes are to be introduced in the Australian market.

land & house packages

What are land & house packages

Concurrent designs of individual and exclusive choices of houses at a specified rate on a specified block and land define these packages. The prices are on paper and there are no hidden costs. It is exemplary for the first home buyers, those looking for investment properties, and those on a fixed budget. Top-notch quality and standardized professionalism are a must for these services.

Criteria for searching the packages:

  • Categories to be looked into in this aspect are whether it is an estate or a specific location. If the search is for a specific location, all regions above mentioned fall in the inclusion criteria.
  • The suburbs of choice also have to be entered which include Austral, Box Hill, Branxton, Chisholm, Claymore, Cobbitty, Gledswood Hills, Glenmore Park, Gregory Hills, Hamlyn Terrace, Jordan Springs, Kellyville, Lepington, Marsden Park, Morisset, North Rothbury, Oran park, Raymond Terrace, Riverstone, Rutherford, Schofields, Spring Fram and Thirlmere.
  • Next category is the house size; whether it is 16square feet to 48square feet, has to be confirmed.
  • House pricing is the next in the list to be confirmed.
  • Bedroom options within 2-5 and bathrooms within 2-4 have to be confirmed.
  • Series to be looked into includes either smart living, lifestyle, prestige or advantage

The process of buying a new home:

  • Adjudicating the desirable package by a process of parley to get the area coveted.
  • Designing the home according to one’s choice and clubbed with the land package.
  • Interior and exterior furnishings are an add-on.

New homes NSW wide:

  • The series includes “the smart living”, which illustrates the modern living; “the lifestyle” or the reasonable and economical; “the prestige” which is the perfect combination of décor and entertainment; “the advantage” or the Australian fantasized homes.
  • Pricing between 170k – 390k dollars
  • Width of the home ranging between 8m-20m
  • Size ranges 16-47 square feet
  • Inclusive criteria are bedroom (5+ or less), bathrooms (4+ or less), garage (1/2), storeys (single/ double)
  • Supplemental information enlists lounges, alfresco side & rear, theatre, powder and study room.

Comparing with the accessible options is another feature available which finally helps to decide on the perfect home suiting all the criteria perfectly.

Additional Services:

The other additional services include factual sessions, concurrent building processes, perfect promotions, economic sessions, a knock-down rebuilding home, etc.

Sale on the go:

Synchronized with style and compassion and fitted for all families, homes on sale are also on the cards. Spacious bedrooms, kitchen and dining are well equipped to form a formidable home.

With this whole range of contemporary and cosmopolitan homes and land & house packages, one can make their dream of an alluring home come true. Try checking for more information.

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Choosing the Right Velux Skylights for Your Home

Whilst there are different types of skylights in Australia, choosing the best Velux skylights is worth an investment. However, whether you want to have them installed on your kitchen roof or near the staircase of your house, selecting for the design might give you a little of a challenge. So, the following useful tips are listed to help you in choosing Velux skylights for your home.

best velux skylights


When planning a skylight installation, there’s one thing you must keep in mind: a skylight is intended for rooms which are directly below the roof. If you want to install a skylight in a room below an attic, you need to build a light shaft through the attic. This light shaft controls the light beam from the sun as it spreads throughout the room.

Another thing to consider is the sun’s path. Make sure that you study how the sun travels throughout the day in order to determine if the skylight can collect direct sunlight or not. Remember, direct sunlight might cause a heat trap during the summer. Unless a skylight is made with UV blocker or sunlight controlling mechanism, it can be a nice window for star-viewing at night, but a harsh wake-up window at daybreak.

Moreover, it is also important to consider the standard codes that should be met by the manufacturers of skylights. The best Velux skylights in Australia are some of the high-quality skylights in the country. They are made perfect for any sloping angles of the roof and the location of the room where the skylight will be installed.

2 Main types of Skylights

  • Fixed skylight

A fixed skylight can’t be opened. It is what most people use as dome skylights or for commercial skylights, as it is less prone to breakage and leakage. In areas where there is more chances of rain year round, a fixed skylight is a good choice.

However, there are some fixed skylights that are designed with a little strip of ventilation to allow some fresh air to enter.

  • Venting skylight

A venting skylight can be opened or closed either manually or with the use of a remote control. Mostly, this type of skylight is installed in the kitchen or bathroom to allow fresh air to get inside, keep mould from growing in damp places, and get rid of unpleasant odours.

Skylight Materials

Skylights are either built with plastic or glass panes. Whilst some people recommend plastic skylights for a dome, many still prefer glass skylights as these are tested to last long. They are also clearer. However, the only downside of glass skylights is that they are more expensive compared to their plastic counterparts.

If you want to buy Velux roof windows, always check whether the room in your house needs a glass skylight for clearer viewing or just a low-cost plastic skylight for ventilation.


Skylight glazing comes with different purposes. There is plastic glazing, glass glazing, and solar heat control glazing at But whatever type there is, the main purpose of glazing the best Velux skylights is to control heat and UV radiation. This is specifically important during summer and winter.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Floors

Ceramic tiles are perfect if you’re aiming to accomplish a certain finish within a budget. They are a simple product to deal with and for that reason ought to lead to lower labour expenses. These tiles are most typically utilized in bathrooms and kitchen for wall and flooring usage. They have a glazed support (in either white or red) makings them inappropriate for use outdoors. For this factor, they are typically not appropriate for business high traffic locations or outside applications. Ceramic tiles are offered in a wide array of colours and styles, which you can improve by utilizing borders in ceramics, mosaics or natural stone. To ensure that you are using the right bathroom or kitchen wall and floor tiles, always consult an expert wall and floor tiler Wollongong has to offer.

 wall and floor tiler wollongong
wall and floor tiler wollongong
  • Tile Size

Bigger tiles are a lot easier to set up than little ones. Bigger tiles are frequently utilized for restroom walls, however, are fantastic for cooking areas and other spaces too. If you do not have a flat subfloor, you will not have an effective setup. Self-leveling subfloor substance works terrific and is simple for a DIYer to set up. But for best results, talking to a wall and floor tiler Wollongong has today is your best bet.

  • Tile Pattern

The pattern of tile suggests option and choice, however, a brick pattern is frequently found most convenient. Utilize a level, chalk line, and t-square to draw up your task. Your objective is to utilize as many tiles as possible and to prevent requiring any sliver cuts of tile to complete spaces. Have fun with your tiles and have a good time finding out how you ‘d like your end task to look.

  • Tile Preparation

Cutting your tiles is by far the trickiest part of tiling so end up being comfy with utilizing a damp saw and make practice cuts on tiles prior to setting up. Another terrific suggestion is to pull your tile from various boxes while tiling so that any minor color variations will not be obvious. In this circumstances, the information line permits for a complete tile either side of the line, and then for tiles that are the exact same width at the edges of the location being tiled.

If you are tiling an entire space you do not need to try all of it simultaneously. Doing it in areas is great as long as you eliminate any surplus tile adhesive prior to it dries. When tiling a kitchen area or restroom flooring lots of people invest days painful over the option of tiles: What sort of tile (e.g., ceramic or glass); exactly what shape (e.g., hex or cent round); and what color (neutral or vibrant).

The abovementioned are only a few considerations when choosing the tiles. Take note of these tips so your kitchen or bathroom floor tiles will be installed in a breeze. A skilled wall and floor tiler Wollongong has today can complete tile installation in a timely manner. For more tips on tiling Wollongong experts offer nowadays, you may visit or find a reliable tiler in your area.

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Tips for a More Productive Workspace

The right kind of workspace is good not just for the business productivity but also for the employees’ peace of mind. The good thing with workplace design is that you do not have to spend a fortune in order to create the right working environment. A few minor tweaks can make a world of difference. The office chairs New Zealand designs that you will opt for will go a long way in creating this ideal working environment which is good for the morale, health and productivity of the staff in a company.

Here are some useful tips that you can use in order to tailor your place of work for maximum effectiveness and productivity:

Work on the ergonomics

This is especially so when it comes to the office chairs New Zealand furniture options that you will choose. It is common sense that if you sit in the wrong posture for a long duration of time, then you are going to develop back complications in the very near future. This is an everyday truth that is even backed by science. Take time to choose chairs which can be well adjusted to the tasks which the staff members will be sitting at. It is best if these office chairs from Systems Commercial are adjustable in order to give the users some degree of flexibility.

The chairs should be adjustable in such a way that the arms and the things are perpendicular to the floor. The wrists should be straight and also at 90 degrees to the desks. Everything should be within reach so that the staff members using the office furniture do not have to strain their muscles in order to gain access to items.

Get Rid of the Clutter

This is another important tip for increasing the effectiveness in the workplace. A clutter-free and well-organized workspace will be very good for the employee productivity and mood. Everyone in the office should do their best in order to keep thing tidy and well organized in the office.  Generally, it is advisable to develop a system of “clean desk policy” which can easily be transformed into a habit.

Good Color Choices

Color can easily shift people’s moods and make them a lot more productive. So this is a factor which should not be overlooked when designing or fitting out your office. For example, the blue color is known to stimulate the mind while the yellow color is one that inspires creativity and so on. When choosing colors for your offices, ensure that they align with your corporate brand and colors.

Good Lighting

Good natural lighting streaming into the office injects some energy, productivity and creativity into the workplace. Not all offices have access to abundant natural lighting but you can make the most of what you have so that as many desks as possible are within the view of natural lighting.

Go for the Open Plan

Open plan office designs are at the centre of new office design thinking. They create a more spacious and collaborative working atmosphere which is fit for the 21st Century. Visit

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Top 8 Qualities of Competent Builders You Should Trust for Your Home Improvement Task

Finding a reputable home builder nowadays can be challenging. Unless you actually have a friend who is also a builder, it is tough to place your trust in somebody that you hardly know. Nevertheless, lots of Bayside builders Melbourne has today are able to offer good services to maintain customers.
Bayside Builders Melbourne
Bayside Builders Melbourne
However, you should remember that Bayside builders Melbourne has are not created equal. While there are those that offer excellent services, theer are also those that could not meet your expectations. There are many ways you could assess a great builder to do your home improvement projects. Below are top qualities Bayside builders Melbourne has should possess:

1. Great Communicator. Being an all-natural communicator is not needed for service providers yet it will significantly assist if they learn how to interact successfully with their customers. They must likewise have the ability to connect efficiently to their group on just how points need to be done.

2. Humble. Specialists that recognize their blunders as well as says sorry when required are qualities of humbleness. They must additionally have the ability to acknowledge the abilities of others dealing with them and also comprehend group job.

3. Able to Dream Big. They are not just concentrated on the present moment, however, are also planning ahead. They constantly dream about exactly how their service will certainly expand over time as well as how their individuals will establish skills-wise, especially when it comes to home designs Australia has today.

4. Knowledgeable in Using Cutting-Edge Solutions. Seek service providers that are not frightened with sector developments. Professionals that utilize social media sites to advertise their job and also established customer consultations deserve a shot.

5. Team Player. In contrast to the conventional idea that leaders ought to be high-handed, servant leaders influence management by offering others. The best home builders Melbourne has should be a servant leader, you could anticipate that individuals benefiting him will certainly agree to do even more due to the fact that he has actually established a fine example.

6. Able to Suggest Enhancements. Effective service providers constantly look for enhancement rather than being pleased with the status. They make it a factor that their vision are understood as well as find means for their business to expand as opposed to being complacent at where they are. They are constantly in search of trendy house designs Melbourne wide to please the tastes of their clients.

7. Has Insurance and Other Legal Requirements. This is the primary distinction in between questionable specialists and also those professionals you should trust. Their determination to reveal important documents is evidence that they indicate service and also are significant at their efforts.

8. Concentrated and Disciplined. For specialists to concentrate, they need to work out regimented. They make certain making time for their obligations to their different customers along with for service development. They agree to endanger individual satisfaction in lieu of business needs.

Those listed above are only a few of the many qualities you have to look into when choosing competent builders to build or renovate your home. Take note of them so your project will be a breeze and will achieve the results that you want. Looking for builders you can trust needs perseverance. With the right pointers, you will confidently trust your home renovations projects to a reliable home builder. For more details, visit at
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