Boost property security with gates fitted with electric swing gate kits

Electric swing gate kits are just some of the accessories and added features that make automatic gates an ideal choice to better secure residential and commercial premises. With this type of gate, accessibility and convenience are guaranteed.



electric swing gate kits



Why should you have electric gates installed?


Among the many gateway systems available, the electric-driven variety comes with several benefits over iron gates or the manually operated ones.


Highly convenient operation


Fitted with the appropriate accessories and paired with a compatible Came remote controls or other brands, you can operate the electric gate from a distance. This allows for easy access during bad weather. You won’t even have to get out of your vehicle to enter the driveway.


Easy to install


Hire qualified installers of electric gates and you won’t have to worry about anything related to the installation process. They’ll supply everything, from electric swing gate kits to other accessories.


An added layer of security


Electric gates can be fitted with intercom systems, timers, GSM controller, loop detectors, and keypads, key switches and push-buttons. All these can be combined to protect your property from burglary and robbery attacks.


Available in a variety of versatile options


Electric gates can be customised to complement or match the overall look of your property. These can have intricate carvings and creative details too.


Choose from any of the following designs:


  • Double swing gate
  • Double underground gate
  • Single swing gate
  • Single underground gate
  • Sliding gate


Added kerb appeal


Well-designed electric gates will add beauty to your property and are sure to make a good impression, what with the importance you placed on security and safety. The gate also adds value to your property which will come handy when the time comes for you to sell.


Lower insurance premiums


With the added security that electric gates offer, expect insurance companies to lower the premiums you have to pay when insuring your property. The gates indicate that a property is less vulnerable to theft and break-ins. This means the possibility of an insurer paying for property loss and damage is lower. An insurance company can afford to lower your insurance fees.


You have to admit, electric gates are investments that guarantee returns.


So whenever you want to reinforce security around residential or commercial premises, have an electric gate installed, complete with all the bells and whistles, including Benica remote controls. Visit to learn more.


Types of electric swing gate kits


Single swing gate kits


Installed above ground, this type of kit is for a single-door gate. It may include a control panel, photocells, antenna, radio transmitters, and IGEA operator.


Double swing gate kits


This is best for gates with two doors that both swing. The kit is installed above ground and may include FAST Operators with built-in Control Panel, a Pair of DIR10 Photocells, T432NA Remote Controls, AF43S Receiver, and TOP-A433N Antenna.


Obviously, your choice of gate kits will depend on whether you have a single or double gate.


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